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How To Rip 3D Models From Games
thefree3dmodels · 2016-12-08

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In this thread I will provide tutorials and help members learn how to rip 3D Models from videogames. There are 2 popular Ripping programs available on the internet for free in in short they both work in similar ways. By no means is this easy to do. Most of the time when you rip a model from a video game you end up with everything on the screen when you hit the printscreen button on your keyboard, once you extract the 3D model from the game you can open the converted file with a 3D Modelling program to delete the items you don't want to get the 3D character you want. First in this I will provide the programs to rip a 3D model with.

3D Ripper DX -
This program works with Direct X 8 and works extremely well with Emulators like Dolphin which is a emulator for Wii and Gamecube games. There are also Emulators for the first XBOX which this program also works with as long as you have Direct X 8 you can use this program it will not work with newer versions of Direct X

3D VIA Printscreen -
This program works the same way as 3D Ripper DX except for that it does'nt matter what version of Direct X you use. I am still learning with this program so I will teach here as I learn myself.

A Video On How To Rip Models -

Now when you get a file from either place, you will need the Crafty Object Viewer. this program will open the *.mdl file that after you extract the files from a folder it will open the MDL file and you can export it as a OBJ file. I have always used Milkshape to open the OBJ file with after I convert it but a lot of the files you will download have a SMD lock which you may need to open the OBJ with 3DS MAX to break up the sections of the model under the Groups tab of either program.

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20 King Nothing   2013-02-14 22:48:46
Hello, I'm interested in making my own models for Garrys Mod. Is it possible to do this with what you have showed us here? According to 4 ZimSand141 it seems to be a lot more complicated (or so I understand it). As an example: I want to create a ragdoll of "Illusive Man" from the game Mass Effect 2 (or 3) + I want to face pose him.

If this is the wrong place for these kinds of questions, can anybody please direct me to wherever I can find the correct information? That would be most appreciated.

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19 tomyyy   2013-01-28 09:47:25
how about ps2 emulator is can be?

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18 SumerioBR   2012-12-05 02:50:06
Ola amigo e amigos gostaria de saber como se extrai os modelos de Priston tale 2,StarCraft2,Diablo3 e perfect world,Estou igual doido procurando algum tutorial e nao consigo encontrar pf alguem me ajuda plz.!!

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17 SumerioBR   2012-12-05 02:49:41
Hello friend and friends would like to know how to extract the models Priston Tale 2, Starcraft2, Diablo3 and perfect world, I am looking for some tutorial like crazy and I can not find someone please help me plz.! cry

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15 Dwayne   2012-11-05 00:21:57
Man, i can't do this by myself. let's say that my pc is the problem. But all i need is a good ''Antonov 225'' 3d model. I know this website already has one, but that model got polygons on the wings which aren't placed correctly. I would fix it if i could, but there are too many polygons.

Ofcourse i also found the SOLUTIONS! At the beginning in saints row the third, you'll jump out of an ''Antonov 225'' and you will land in steelport

Now my question is:
Can someone please download the game and rip the Antonov 225 with textures and send this to me?!

If so, please answer. Then i will post my email so you can send me

Thanks! biggrin

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14 pablo   2012-09-25 00:56:06
i have a feeling if someone tried this with like an ssb game, your computer would spaz out
windows 32 has encountered a problem.
lol, that would probably happen unless you have a total beast of a computer

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13 Estevoo   2012-09-24 14:14:13
what a hell is that?

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12 Barry   2012-07-04 19:41:21
will this work with PC games? I'd like to rip a few spaceship models out

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11 unknown   2012-06-08 21:22:41
Does anyone have a link that works the Print Screen 3D VIA or VIA 3D Printscreen own if you put in the comment please, thank you.

(This is a translation into linguagen site's message below, any errors in spelling and because of the google translator.)

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10 unknown   2012-06-08 21:21:45
Alguem tem um link que funciona do 3D VIA Print Screen ou o proprio 3D VIA Printscreen se tiver coloca no comentario por favor, obrigado.

(Esta e uma tradução para a linguagen do site da mensagem abaixo, qualquer erro de grafia e por causa do google tradutor.)

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9 unknown   2012-06-08 21:17:29
Alguem tem um link que funciona do 3D VIA Print Screen ou o proprio 3D VIA Printscreen se tiver coloca no comentario por favor, obrigado

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8 gghht   2012-05-17 01:21:22
angry cry dry happy happy happy happy happy angry biggrin cool cry dry happy sad smile surprised tongue wacko wink

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7 deskman   2012-05-15 07:39:14
I see only a WareZVersion of 3Ds MAX in this Video.
Thats is a illegal Software Lizens of 3Ds Max.
On Desktop see a WAREZ Link.


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6 Maru   2012-03-23 23:12:19
How is this possible with newer Games. This 3D Ripper Max can only Rip games from DirectX 9 o.o and 3D VIA Printscreen doesnt even exist anymore.
I think I need some help

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5 Estevoo   2012-02-28 03:33:26
I think it doesnt works with online games. Such Point Blank. and with 3d via printscreen, I've had problems in export from .3dxml!
may some one can help me.

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3 Prince   2012-02-01 06:35:23
Sure it is. As told in the poistng. It`s in the category 3D Graphics, and there you can find it in the subcategory Buildings.

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2 Buck   2011-12-25 02:33:57
How to you get the character into the T-pose before ripping? wink

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4 ZimSand141   2012-02-01 19:38:07
that is no way ..its like taking a screenshot man it is very effective on vehicle and other static object ..but for character u'll have to rig them first and set the pose urself .there is a tips to for ripping character models ..1.find the most suitable pose b4 u rip them ..*standing *taking cover *and other poses that'll make it easy for u to rig it latter biggrin

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1 frank   2011-12-24 21:02:40
can this be done with lightwave?

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