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Thefree3dmodels.com has now more than 500 free 3d models, so here are the top 300 most downloaded models just in one page.
You can add your own 3d models to the website, you only need to register and enter on the "Submitting Model" page.
In this post i would also like to thank 3dregenerator for sharing +200 3d models.

and even more 3d models from where they came ...
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4 m sh   2014-12-22 07:05:02
biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin

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3 MichaelSn   2014-06-06 03:07:33

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2 Anil Mydev   2014-03-14 13:12:25
Good Collection, would add NEW after my job is done

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1 ega   2013-10-29 16:38:59

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