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The Free 3D Models News & Announcements
News and Announcements news, updates and announcements.
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Thread: Free automatic 3D reconstruc...
Message from: Aude3D
Have a problem with the site? Wanna ask a question? Here's the place.
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Thread: Help with downloading
Message from: stargate38
Welcome! Don't just sit there and read other user's posts. Register NOW!
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Thread: Hi There
Message from: IronRobb

Free 3d Models
Suggest 3D Models Links
Suggested links to some free 3D Models
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Thread: Freebies from artist Marc Ur...
Message from: renderfeed
Request Free 3D Models
Here you can request any 3d model.
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Thread: A few models needed
Message from: darkstar0196
File Format Conversion
Here you can request the conversion of a 3d model.
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Thread: Can someone please convert s...
Message from: gorodork

Showcase Gallery
3D Stills
3d CG images from members
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Thread: Fallen Gods
Message from: Βλασης
2D Stills
2d CG images from members
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Thread: We Are Here To Rock You Vect...
Message from: Βλασης
3D and 2D animations / demo reels from members
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Thread: Transformers VFX CGI intergr...
Message from: bkajiki
Work in progress
3d scenes and models in progress
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Thread: mmorpg recruit
Message from: taichiu727

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